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A MESSAGE TO NHLDev Regarding Lag/Delay/Etc

I saw you having conversation about certain problems in this year's game, but my concern doesn't really mesh with the topics there, so here is my question/concern. This is regarding what some people call input delay, fat man lag, stuck in mud, slow/sluggishness, etc. It has happened for me in any of the online modes, and on a regular basis. Based on forum feedback, this is a common problem which happens in varying degrees depending on who you ask. Some even say they have no problems.


A MESSAGE TO NHLDev Regarding Lag/Delay/Etc


For example, there are times we can have 15ms latency according to EA's Network Performance and have any of these problems happen, and then turn around and play a 70ms game and have no problems, and vice versa. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for what causes this problem. The Network Performance doesn't really tell us anything regarding connection quality when that is SUPPOSED to be its sole purpose. I am also curious to know if our opponent's stats are identical to ours, or if they see something different, and the difference in our stats may be the telling factor?


There are just too many times where it feels like I am fighting the controls more than my opponent, and this has been a problem on ALL versions of the game since NHL 13. In my opinion, the jump to new-gen systems has made the problems even worse, and the random garbage that happens makes things worse. This seems to coincide with the degree of "fat man lag" that is present in the game, and it is very one-sided, meaning one person has turbo-charged attributes in the game and the other person's attributes are nerfed.


There has been no improvement over the years either, so we just want to know what it is about this game not being able to run reliably and fairly online compared to just about every other game on the planet.


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