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Assume the role of complete apologist for NHL 17

Assume the role of complete apologist for NHL 17


All of his gripes are not goals scored against him. while he's a complete joke (that's kind of the point) almost all of his gripes are totally valid and almost none of them lead to a goal.


Seriously with every post you lose more and more credibility and have assumed the role of complete apologist for EA. This game has so many issues and everyone with half a brain knows it. Goalies are terrible, puck control is terrible, skating is just bad, the devs continue to ignore the intelligent posters over the years that point out everything thats wrong with this series and instead continue pushing out the same stuff... add more **** on top of the house of cards instead of concentrating on fixing these fundamental issues. don't even get me started on how pointless the "gamechangers" program is considering since it's been around EA has released it's worst products to date.


Yes we will continue to play the game because there is no other hockey choice. Yes if you want to be successful you have to learn how to play the game not try to play hockey. But customers unhappy with the product should absolutely continue to come in here and voice their concerns with the product.


And your premise that people unhappy with the game are only unhappy because they are losing is ridiculous. any conversation i've had with anyone including guys that are on high level 6s eashl or guys that almost never lose in vs all say the same things. these guys just learn to use all of this garbage to their advantage or work around it.


In any other industry this product would have had a total recall for about 4 years running. here? they get to keep on charging full price even though they can't seem to handle something as simple as releasing a game where goalies have any ability to deal with a slow rolling puck that travels the length of the ice. Last night to prove a point rather than gather up a stretch pass i let it go since it was on net... i just coasted behind it waited for goalie to freak out , come out to play it, fumble it, go into like 3 animations and then just stand up while it was at his feet, i then just simple poked it between his legs for a goal. he never even moved. nice game


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