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Hey, I'm just an average goalie in NHL 17

I'm no means an ACE at this since I'm just an average goalie and this is new to me too.


That being said I use Default controls without perscision movement on. So that means I'm holding L2 for Percision and letting go for TPush. I think my Percision movement is actually faster in this form and it cuts down on holding a lot of. buttons at once when on the post.


Hey, I'm just an average goalie in NHL 17



I'll TPush to the top of my crease when I see that the puck is past half ice and coming down through the offside circles. If outside I'll sit back and wait to see the passing option or slightly come out to take away near side. If the puck carrier continues down the side boards I'll be looking for passing options and I'll have my TPush ready to go. If he continues down the boards he has a few options and most of them the TPush is required to make a save. So, he tries a cross crease I'm butterlying and T pushing with L1 to hopefully get far side. Another option is the trailer forward. Which is usually on the puck carriers inside shoulder or close to that line. If he passes back I TPush up my crease since I'm covering the near side already and if he's looking one timer it's gotta be a off the post snipe or far post. Inwhich going up with TPush will save both types of shots if done fast enough. ( the delay shot or block pass can screw this up)The initial puck carrier can also stop and curl back and hit a trailing backdoor defense man. This is a tricky one because of how clunky and buggy the TPush is. Up Fine even left and right but when going diagnol it can get rough. To much left and you'll get sniped coming back the other way. To high, and you'll have no chance back door. So I tend to use Percision and stay back until I get a better understanding of where the angle the defenseman is coming in is. However using a TPush here once the angle is established is good or use Percision to make a save.


While moving in T Push to cut down angles your goalie will make save opportunities even when he looks **** doing so.



On any pass up the side boards or grabbing the post I've got TPush ready to go to be aggressive. While teams cycle I'll use Percision here a lot since you get skaters skating everywhere with the puck. A lot of TPush up and Percision back in this attack. I'll use T Push here a lot to stop defense to defense one timers. If the puck is in the corner I'm standing on my post. If it goes up to the defense I TPush up my crease and immediately start to back up with Percision UntiI have both defenseman covered. If he passes I should already be close to the middle of my net. Using Percision or if I already have the angle a T Push to get up high and in the butterfly top stop the shot/deflections. If he keeps the puck and walks in. Just a quick TPush puts you right back on his angle and you start your Percision movements and reads all over again.


I'm not sure if this was easier said then done. Or done easier than said. But I am having success on these plays more often. Which in reality are the hardest to get in position. Odd man rushes, breakaways, and bad rebound goals are always gonna happen. This IMO is a style that will give you more control over some of the shots we know we should be making but can't because the Percision movement is to slow.


Just Practice a lot. I did BAP for a bit just to get use to the up the side boards and the low/high near side one timers the CPU does a lot. I also noticed a jump in my position score. If your in position to make the save more often. EA MIGHT let you make that save


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