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Honest NHL 17 Beta Feedback

This was definitely an improvement from NHL 16's EASHL. However, a beta is a beta and will without a doubt cause some cons. Here is the list. If I missed any, feel free to comment. 


1: Game Freezes/ Lost Connection: 

This happens A LOT. Too much in fact. I understand it is a beta. But you need stronger servers, regardless to enjoy the full game in September! 


2: Missing the puck: 

Although most of the time the puck pick ups look smooth, it does have its cons. These puck pickups we have been told about being improved is questionable at most. In EASHL especially, I along with my club members found that we would randomly miss the puck on what looked like an easy pick up. 


Honest NHL 17 Beta Feedback


3: Stick lifts: 

The stick lifts in the beta seemed delayed at most. And that delay even for a second can mean the difference if you either lift the opponents stick, or slash them in the face... However, maybe I was not doing it correctly, is there a new way you have to stick lift? Or does the stick lift delay actually exist for us all? 


4: No EASHL Captaincy Option in Club: 

This was an option to choose who will be the Captain, and two Alternative Captains in NHL 14... But since then, it has yet to be seen again... This is a must, let alone it really shouldn't be all that difficult to add in through an update. 


I definitely am missing the cons about being a goalie in the beta as I do not play goalie. So those who do play goalie, let the cons be heard so improvements can be made for the full game! 


Overall, a fun beta, and an improvement from last year. I love the new club progression and the arena customization options... Makes winning more rewarding, and your team unique too others.


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