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How to make coins in NHL 17(ultimate strategy)

Hi, guys, i'm going to teach you guys and kind of just go over, how I've been making coins, and how you guys can possibly do the same thing alright, so the first message is pretty simple. All you're gonna do is just throw money at your console and get some points, and yeah i'm currently a movie I thought it'd be funny, If i only had three hours my water so yeah back to the post the first ones are pretty basic one - it's called 59 method if you guys are have been playing ultimate team for a while. 


You know about this but pretty much, all you're going to want to do is pretty much set your mind maximum; However many NHL 17 coins you have, so i have to enter 14k to put those are Max and then we're gonna go to the 59th minute, the best way I've found to do this in 17 just keep spam that right trigger right now. Bumper alright so right the 59th minute mark at the moment and pretty much, all you're gonna want to do, if you guys don't know already it's pretty much keep refreshing this page and look for cheap layers that you're going to be able to sell for more. So say uh nothing really going on here at the moment. 


Alright, let's look at w more than alright i'm adding this in post, and i just realized that I said don't get more for our window Clark. I promise I'm not that stupid - I promise without to say that don't Gilmore was listed for 666500 going so. Someone forgot to zero you would want to buy that instantly, as fast you can the realistic and sell for more obviously it's pretty simple buy low sell high. I thought the best way to refresh the page is going by back-and-forth, and you guys can see here. I'm came through awful that's not terrible, but if you guys do want to check the last rites old someone 


It's a little bit harder this year you have to go all the way to make offer, all he goes for, i don't want to buy that but then again that does wasting valuable time. So pretty much what you're going to want to do here is just learned a couple player prices, learning the big player prices and you're able to get some decent deals. 


I got like Nathan MacKinnon for 10k and some other good, dealing like that so really good way to make some coins, if you have time I honestly just do this one I'm doing home worker, and I'm watching netflix from editing videos on the 15-minute mark in the background, just kind of surveying the field seen walking and surprisingly another great way to make calling this year is buying any killed jerseys for cheap. So right now I've NHL jerseys set to under 500 by now, and pretty much what you want to do here is by any jersey, that you want i guess because worst-case scenario. If you're not able to sell it for more. 


You're able to put it into the set and you're most likely gonna be able to get at least 5k out of gold collectible, So these aren't Badgers whatsoever they're rarely up for this much and it's kind of surprising to see Five up, as you guys can see they're all up within the at last five minutes of being put up. 


So I it's a great way to make coins and just flipping cards one by one, or if you want to put them into the set and try to make coins, thank me of the collective and last but not least i know it's been kind of short tips. 


I want to go over heroes and how you may be able to make coins with heroes, so I'm was preaching this a lot on Twitter and twitch and I just want to go over in post. So as you guys can see right here mostly heroes are going over to indicate you get honored 35k for Ron Hextall 94 overall goalie, who I think one of the better with the game will be honest here but some of the other legends like Geralyn only 185 k albicans 295 k 


The prices aren't that high to be fair they are going up from when they were released a week ago obviously they I mean Pat LaFontaine was going to run 200 k. When the game first came out seems shocked seeing without weight, writing using around 70 cake he's already up 215k. So their prices are going up slowly but steady but one thing I want to stay say is that i think these have the huge chance to go up purely. 


How to make coins in NHL 17(ultimate strategy)


Because of their synergy, so if we look at a lot closing, for example yes plus to recycle game and plus two for one timer; so one thing that we have seen now with ends now, the 22 September one of uploading this pretty much special cards as of right now and again the 20th, having two synergies but one point for each of them and having multiple points for synergies, which is a huge thing so we look at let me see let me find what I think run Janet yep Brendan Shanahan 34 wicked wrister, that means you only one more player in your team with when you register to activate that synergy. And that is HUGE right now my team has eight synergies and a reason why I'm able to have eight synergies on my team, because of heroes heroes are probably your best bet, if you want to get a lot of synergy and personally I've noticed a huge difference with my team with synergy and without. 


So i think that is one reason alone they're going to go up, in price substantially obtain another reason these players prices are going to go off, which is purely based on their stats alone obviously these are 30 brand new players in the ultimate team. 


No one really has used before to a lot of you were still give going through all the heroes, and find out which other good which one stock which ones are phenomenal and based on stats along. 


Let me show you guys paddle off Fontaine set I, and I'm to be honest I base most like this hero part off on reddit post on our sites, and i'll leave that down below a phenomenal post and use Pat LaFontaine his example and i use it on Twitter as well and so pretty much. 


What i did was i posted these stats of sidney crosby and Pat LaFontaine. I'm just their stats along the stats side and side which play would you rather have left or right, and at the moment, it is 71 percent Pat LaFontaine only twenty-nine percent Sidney Crosby, so obviously these guys stats are phenomenal their 94 world, they're gonna be fantastic and I think it's just the fact that people think all they're just heroes are easy to complete. Their really not worth that much but once you play with them people are starting to notice how good these players are, and you get a player that most people rather over Sidney Crosby 454 k compared in sidney crosby, which is going for 400 k. So that's why when a lot of people asking why my team is really stacked with heroes at the moment. 


It's because I'm holding onto them hoping that their price well, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that they will end up going up as of right. 


Now sets really aren't that profitable but hopefully in the future, we'll be able to make a decent profit off of doing sets but for right now, I think there's only a few heroes they can actually make profit on one of them is Johnny music, who I ended up making profit on my end up, buying riding a polling criterion Bergeron but they're only 30 gauge and the rest of the players. 


10 kg of the highest let's it's a massive 40k you're spending and there's no carbon collectibles, it's no orgel collectible so I like Johnny music you're able to make profit off of, but other legends not so much I mean it really is based off the legend itself. 


Or the hero itself sorry I like for example you can't make profit al macinnis, and I have been able to anyways, I do the fact he doesn't need to carve collectibles and that's almost the price of him alone, so right now sets are not profitable seem to work of a hockey ones but hopefully the future keep checking the sets and follow on twitter, I'll definitely keep updates on the sets and stuff like that r /n h hut is a great place to learn how to make coins and make trades, NHL stuff like that right now I would say maybe eight plus overall player pack is worth it. 


I mean you have somebody on that I didn't make my profit back from all 10 of those, but I didn't do pretty well so if you get a work of highly collectible for cheap, I would not be so opposed to putting into this site, but like I said as of right now I don't think any of the UC legend sets our values are on profitable at the moment. 


So I would hold off on that but like I said - if you're looking to make coins stick by the 59th minute mark for players, collectibles also make sure you're checking your collection for jerseys and buying jerseys for cheap. Because you can either sell those for more, or you can add them into the set and get some gold collected a lot of it, which can then sell and make some money off of and again 


I highly recommend investing in hot heroes, I think they have the chance to go and you're getting getting to use a great players. So you guys hope you guys enjoyed the post if you did help you in any way let me know down below, and yeah hope you guys didn't even get me know how it turns into a ball.


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