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HUT 17 online + single seasons

There are just way too many issues in this disaster of a game. At this point I might actually say this is worse than NHL16 which I didn't think was possible.


I'm in the second season of HUT single seasons. I was 6-0-0 offline and 4-0-0 online before my first loss (which was offline to some 70 overall German team on pro. I had 37 shots 3 goals while they had 5 goals on 10 shots. Their goalie was way too ridiculous and their AI was WAY BETTER than pro. The previous game I had won 20-0 against TB on pro, no exaggerating it was 20-0)


Anyway I thought it was weird when a few games ago I had to replace 13 contracts :S I was 10-1-0 and thought it was a bit fishy I had so many contracts to change considering I'm only 11 games in and have needed about 6-7 contracts at spriratic times before. Today I go on to play a single season offline game. I won 5-2 but when the game finished it said my season record was 2-3-0. W.. T... F... ?. lol how when I only lost 1 game am I 2-3-0 this season. I was also prompted to buy 6 more contracts. One of which were for Andersen my goalie who I know 100% was in that batch of 13 I needed literally 1-2 games ago. No one else uses my Xbox except for me so something's terribly broken. I remember some ppl complaining last year saying EA accelerates the use of contracts to make it harder to play without paying. I've seen others with similar complaints of magical offline losses too.


HUT 17 online + single seasons


I'd also like to mention how absolutely broken the gameplay is in NHL17. From playing Hut for just two weeks I want to break my Xbox 1 and go back to beautiful Legacy on 360. Why does the AI even on pro operate so much more efficiently than we can ? I played Munich redbull or w.e. they're about 70 overall across the board and I could never get the puck. The only time I got the puck is when they shot it at my goalie. I poke it away and it ALWAYS goes back to them. If the puck is loose I NEVER win the race to the puck. It's the same in eashl. Why are compies programmed to be so much faster than us. I didn't win one race with my team of 86-87 overall players against F'n 70 overall Munich and yes my lines were green I change them after every play. They're also board playing, big hitting laser passing mutants. Yes I won the game 5-2 but it's ridiculous how much better AI is. When I pass to the point I have to wait 3 seconds to regain control of my player so this turns in to a turnover 80% of the time yet my AI opponents can laser pass it to the point and never have that same pause. I'm constantly battle the skating mechanics where the pause is just too long between stopping and accelerating. I'm faster in real life than these nhlers in this **** game. Also why does my goalie hold it after almost every shot ? Why can't I choose to pass it out. The game is long and boring as **** with my goalie auto holding for a **** whistle.


One more thing. The AI is still brain dead and even worse than before (again I never thought it was possible) regardless of strategy they play the whole game like they're against me. It feels like 1 v 9 out there. They get in my way during a big percentage of break outs, they move away when I pass to them. Skate offside with no obstruction and go for too many unwanted line changes during passes. Puck pick ups are also so broken.


Honestly EA please stop focusing on graphics, they're fine. It's time to focus on gameplay. This game is literally a chore to play. I bought 16 and sold it after 2 months to play legacy and at this point I'm close to doing it again. I'm embarrassed I bought this game and 95% of my online buddies who came from legacy to 17 regret buying an Xbox 1 for this. It's truly a shame.


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