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I don't like the navigating menus of NHL 17

If there are 10 blocks in the menu and you go into block 8, when you back out to that menu, it puts you back to block 1 instead of the block you were just on. It makes navigating the menus so annoying. This only started in NHL 15 or 16, and I am not sure why. 


it is a not urgent but it is simple and should be noted. It just adds more time to the already horribly laid out menu blocks.


Although the delay in the menus is awful, that's not really what I meant. That may be a much more difficult fix. 


I am talking about something simple that they for some reason changed in next gen. 


I don't like the navigating menus of NHL 17


When you go into a menu and go back, you should go back to the tile you were on, not the very first tile in the menu. I haven't really seen any games do this except NHL on next gen. It is especially annoying when going through the club customization, or player customization, when you are near the last few tiles, and you go in and change stuff, go back out, and it puts you all the way back to the first tile. So you have to scroll back down, over and over, through the whole customization. 


Or when looking through the play by play names, you get down to the letter T, look through, go back, and instead of going back to T so you can quickly move over to the next letter, it brings you all the way back to A. 


It is just something simple that was changed for some odd reason to add an annoyance to an already irritating menu system. It's not important and shouldnt be a priority, but maybe make a note of it because some intern could fix this while drunk in under an hour most likely.


Just that when hitting back to go to a previous menu, it takes you back to the first block instead of the block you were previously on, which is a nuisance and not how it was before. It's not how pretty much 99% of games are. Usually you are taken back to the icon/tile/block you were on in the previous menu. Having it essentially reset to the first icon/block/tile is annoying. For example, when you are searching for a club, there are two tiles, the tile on the right you have to click into in order to fill out the fields "abbreviation" "club name" etc. If it does not find a club or you made a mistake and go back, instead of going back to the page to fill out the abbreviation or club name, it takes you all the way back to the left side of the first 2 tiles, so you have to go to the right tile and click in again to fill out the info. 


Another example. When changing your players looks, you go to choose your head first, then go right to eyes, when you go back, it resets back to the head icon, instead of the tile you were on, which was eyes. 


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