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I have been floating between 100-400 in NHL 17

I have been floating between 100-400 since release. I managed to stay in the top 100 for the first month of release, but now I move from 100-400 frequently.


I constantly see 2 types of playing. One style is the "slow" gameplay. This player does not pass the puck to his teammates. He will slowly glide, tap the left stick north, or northwest/northeast for the quick & short power strides while playing keep away with their right stick. These players are insanely frustrating to defend against, as they quickly exploit AI D if you try defending that way, & vision control playing D does not give enough 'friction' to your skater, to stop, start & any sort of twisting/turning happens too fast and makes for a lame game of I go this way, you go that way, I go that way, you go this way, side to side quick strides & pulling the puck far left or right. With the stick-lift being "fixed" it's easier to defend these guys and has helped. It's tough to switch to a winger and try to catch them with the puck on their side instead of in front of them, but these players are typically unable to defend and it's easy to work them on a cycle in their own zone.


I have been floating between 100-400 in NHL 17


The other player I see are those who have mastered holding the puck out far and can roll off any hits/pressure & poke checks. There is definitely an invincibility position that a large group of players have found out, that is highly effective to pass from, when in all honesty it should be nearly impossible to accurately pass from.


One of my best tactics is to take the first minute or two of the 1st period & play hookey. I'll dump the puck, play like I'm new & not very good. Take weak, low shots from the outside and just generally present poor gameplay. If they don't immediately counter this with strong possession in my zone, I'll take the same outside shots a few more times, same spot, same shot, let them believe I have bad habits & no game. 


Then immediately switch to a full fledge cycle game, get them running around by taking a few wrap-arounds & then start working shots from the point. By now they are confused and then you can start working with hanging onto the puck around the top of the circles, get him chasing, getting a Dman to move to the halfway point on the boards and get the goalie moving.


I don't mess with the in-game strategies much. Maybe only when I'm getting absolutely floored by a honestly good opponent, in hopes of getting some different break-outs. The only thing I change on a consistent basis is alternating from crash the net to behind the net.


It's a bit risky, but you'll get your opponent thinking you have bad habits & that you're going to do the same, low percentage play & shot. Occasionally toss it back into your game and you'll end up being able to expose them expecting you to do the same play & step up and out of position.


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