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I'm a better than average/good player in NHL 17

It's not just those that lose that complain.


I'm a better than average/good player and along with the majority of my friends that I play with. Pretty much all of us complain about this game even when we're winning the majority of the time. It's a frustrating and not an enjoyable game play experience currently.


I'm a better than average/good player in NHL 17


The game is obviously broken. It's way too inconsistent. The penalities, the puck pick ups, the lucky bounces, the automatic animations, the goals, the whether your teams A.I plays good or bad, everything. It's practically a coin toss. Then there are the "matchmaking system", no 12 player lobbies (which are coming back very soon I heard), the lost connections/freezes etc (which I spend more time not playing the game than actually playing it), the lag and input delays and a lot more.


I don't care how many hours EA spends making/working on this game and how they have a smaller team and budget. That's no excuse for incompetence, laziness and making a poor game.


Also there have been and are quite a few constructive discussions inregards to the majority of the problems with the game on this forum, especially since and compared to the previous forum/board.


I'm only talking about EASHL club and drop ins because that's all I play because I can only put up with one **** broken game mode anymore.


You and obviously EA has to remember that there are a lot of fans that spend their money and countless time playing this game each year. All the majority of us want is a game that plays the way it should and consistently, a game based on skill and not luck and automatic animations, a good online server/connection and an enjoyable gameplay experience.


This game doesn't provide any of that.


Oh and I forget to mention EA's lousy customer service/lack of information/response. Well besides there twitter which only makes excuses and mentions their money maker HUT mode (rolleyes).


"The customer is always right."


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