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It seems a lot of things have changed since the NHL 17 BETA

I used to be able to tap my joystick to make small movements in my crease, especially when there was a rush towards me or a breakaway. This allowed me to keep the gap between me and the shooter, and me and the goal line in perfect sync. Now tapping makes the goalie twitch in place, you have to PRESS a direction for half a second to make him move. Why??? 


Holding down a direction, the goalie moves fine up and down, but side to side it's painfully slow. Using the LT (Butterfly Save) will often bring you back into the "Pendulum Effect", where you slide and overshoot your mark, then slide back the other way and overshoot it again, so you slide back the other way and overshoot it again... *sigh* 


It seems a lot of things have changed since the NHL 17 BETA


Don't even get me started on the RS "Desperation Save" Fiasco!! 


Post hugging seemed a bit better. Initiating one feels quicker and letting go doesn't require that long of a push on a direction anymore (though I still wish releasing the post was simply done by releasing the trigger like it was before). Movement from post to post is still too slow, like it was in the BETA. A Player behind the net can move much faster than we can. If he fakes left and goes right, and we try to match him, we can't get back in time because our movements are too slow going from side to side. 


Also the save animations are still locking us in place still. This is unacceptable!! Breakaways and cross-crease attempts are a nightmare now. The shooter has all the time in the world to lodge the puck behind you as he watches you just go down on the spot in a save animation that leaves half of the net wide open. Especially considering that they still have that ungodly lateral acceleration they've always had with the puck. All they need is a split second to weave back and forth and change direction, while we as goalies CAN'T DO THAT!! 


Dumping the puck with the goalie has also been nerfed in that it takes longer to charge it now. I get that not all goalies in the NHL can manipulate the puck as well as someone like Marty Brodeur or Ron Hextall (BTW, if RON Hextall is in the game, why isn't the name RON available in the name database for created players???). But most goalies can still lift the puck off the ice. At least if you wanted to nerf the goalies ability to dump the puck, shorten the distance we can dump it, but allow is to at least get it off the ice if we want to clear our zone and help our teammates.


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