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My First Impression of NHL 17 Beta HUT

My First Impression of NHL 17 Beta HUT


No one really cares about this, but maybe the devs will read it. 


I finally got the opportunity to play yesterday. 17Beta, HUT. I've been playing the NHL series since 1995. HUT--this will be my second full season...dabbled on 15. 


1. Love the Network Performance feature. 


However, if my Ping is indeed low the whole game, and the blink lag, or chop is still there, who's to blame? The other person or the loaded up server? 


2. Pack luck is impressive. 


I highly doubt I will be able to get as many "hits" as I've been pulling in the three packs I have bought, but dang! Pulling 85,85,86,86 didn't happen to me in 16. I did notice upon my initial team opening that I didn't receive a coach card. Had I not luckily had something to sell, I would not have been able to go buy a coach and get my team started. 


3. Goalie play 


While the goalie play seems improved, bullcorn shots are still getting through for no reason. I failed to grab video, sorry. Scoring a five hole from the top of the left circle when the goalie isn't screened should never happen. Little goal stuff like that still seems weak. What has improved (a little bit) is cross crease and short side cheese. I imagine though, in six months, all the cheesers will be back. It's just part of your game. 


Overall I am impressed. I figure the pack cost will rise once the game is out, but I love how it is now. Being able to snag a pack almost after each game is something to really play for. 


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