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NHL 17: choose to be GM of the Islanders

Any mode Offline is so broken it's not even funny! I think it was NHL12 or 13. Pens are my team but choose to be GM of the Islanders (1A in my Pens traded Fleury to TB for Ben Bishop straight up, TB then traded Fleury to Buf for Ryan's like IF you were so **** bent on acquiring Miller, why not just trade with Buf straight up?? Stopped playing Offline BAGM after that.


NHL 17: choose to be GM of the Islanders


NHL14 BAP: LTL what a disaster. Started my career off with the Pens. After 4 preseason games (0g 0a and 6pims) I somehow made the team. Checking out the roster I notice no Malkin...not injured, not traded, HOWEVER he's down in Wilkes Barre. Not only is he in Wilkes Barre but he's also the #2 Center behind Joe Vitale...smdh!


* I continue on, come upon a back to back with CBJ, I get injured during game 1 in Cbus and don't play in game 2. Simming ahead to next game I field the question: You were a turnover machine tonight...wait what? I didn't play in game 2 vs Cbus, how in the world was I a turnover machine??


* I continue on...smdh! Game vs MTL, we lose 2-0 (en) in regulation, field the question: What's it like losing the game in the shootout...wait what? We lost 2-0 in REGULATION, did I miss something here?


* Gluten for punishment I continue on. Scenario comes up where my Family is in town but the boys on the team have invited me to go to a party at a Hotel: A) Spend time with Family and ignore the Boys B) Lie to the Family and go hang out with the Boys C) Lie to the Boys and say I am sick D) go do something else...So I chose A. 


Simmed to the next day and: The Boys got a little to rowdy and caused damage to the Hotel. I get called into Coach's office: WE DO NOT TOLERATE that kind of Behavior here, we will be keeping an eye on you and I got demoted to the 4th line (was on the 2nd line at the time)...wait what? I spent time with my Family, I had NOTHING to do with the damaged Hotel. That was the 3rd strike for me...Quit playing Any OFFLINE mode and haven't played it since


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