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NHL 17: Human Goalies Broken

Human goalies have been ruined since the NHL 17 beta was released. In the beta you were rewarded for playing aggressive and cutting down the angle on shooters, now you can be sniped from the point with a wrist shot while not moving and being at the top of the crease (tested this in a practice mode). Human goalies also suffer from movement delay that is way worse than you will ever get playing as a player ( players can deke at least twice as fast as a goalie can move in this game) , now I believe this is because of the animations that were added into the game (since 16 I believe) to make goalies look more realistic with their movements. If you commit to a butterfly slide in this game (talking with the butterfly trigger and LS movement) there is almost no going back in time if a player makes a deke. In real life goalies have way quicker reactions to a deke and use their edges to push off back the other way almost instantly. 


NHL 17: Human Goalies Broken


Angled pushes are also very clumsy in this game and don't accurately replicate how goalies can track someone moving at them diagonally making moving saves way harder than they need to be. This coupled with the NEED to use precision movement as the default (T-pushes are way to delayed from the time you move to when your goalie actually moves) result in goalies that cannot actively challenge shooters without needing to use a post hug or the RS butterfly slide that doesn't always go in the direction you push it.


Now onto short side stuff, as a goalie in RL and as one who plays with a few other goalies and players who played/play at a high level of hockey (couple of guys who played in the CHL one in ECHL, not me of course) they all agree that shooting from between the bottom of the circle and the goal line is WAY to accurate especially when moving at speed. This is compounded by the fact that there is a weird invisible barrier on the goal line and post that blocks goalies from being able to challenge out while keeping their skate on the post (watch how goalies track the puck out of the corner along the boards in the next NHL you see on TV or live, you'll see what I mean vs. this game) . This gap that you cannot move into unless you are on the post is very unrealistic and results in awkward goalie positioning and easy short side goals from where a real goalie would not be hugging the post.


Next up is that one of the biggest changes they made since the beta is the complete lack of ability to control any rebound off your chest, Wrist shots straight to the chest protector result in huge rebounds and bobbled pucks in this game where as in real life a goalie would be able to suck it in and use their glove to keep it there.


There is more that could be said for what is wrong with goalies but for now I feel that EA took a big step back with goalies from the Beta to the actual release. I felt in the beta goalies were rewarded for good positioning and aggressive play and punished for deep goal line sitting by not having infinitely long limbs. Now they are punished for challenging by how easy it is to snipe and awkward movement all around. While leaderboards are just based on wins I think it is a big indicator that something is wrong when only 12 of the top 100 goalies on XB1 for club have over a .800 sve% vs. in the beta where the goalies who actually played positionally sound had over .850's and goal line sitters got lit up. Hopefully EA looks into this, I do ultimately understand that majority of the people who play enjoy scoring tons of goals as it's fun but right now goalies are in a terrible spot and need to be adjusted.


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