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NHL 17: I'd rather not see hockey enter e-sports

If it's not 6 vs 6 then I'd rather not see hockey enter e-sports. Call me old or whatever but 3 vs 3 with goalies aren't hockey to me. I HATE the 3 vs 3 OT in the current NHL. I also hate the shootouts. I just hockey is a team game and if the game starts with 6 vs 6 then it should be decided and finish with 6 vs 6.


I also don't get the "hard to find" other players to make up a team of 6. I have over 200 friends for this NHL series alone and probably have of them I play on a regular basis with. We hardly have problems getting 6 of us together for a game whether it is club or drop in. In fact the majority of the time we get more than 6 in our dressing rooms and have to decline friends which then branch off to make another 6.


NHL 17: I'd rather not see hockey enter e-sports


Furthermore if people are interested in playing in an e-sports game then maybe they should be dedicated enough to find other teammates to play and practice with. A lot of VG/LG players don't seem to have a problem doing so.


As for spectator experience. How is it a "clusterfvck"? I've had no problem watching a stream of a 6 vs 6 game.


As for prize money. I have no idea what that amount would be but I would think the majority of e-sport hockey players would be playing for their love of the sport/game and competition and not the prize money so dividing it up between 6 players compared to 3 wouldn't be a huge factor. The VG/LG leagues seem to operate just fine without any prize money.


Lastly until all the issues/problems are solved with this game I don't see it entering into e-sports. The two main issues/problems being the TPS and all the randomness that occurs during the game due to programming. I wouldn't want to play a game on a very competitive level simply because of those two issues/problems.


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