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NHL 17: I Hope to Creat More Team, Thanks EA

I thank EA for letting us create a team, but I feel like they still dropped the ball on this one 


First of all I hope they let us create more then one team. And if we are only able to create one team then they deffinetly need to look into this for NHL 18. 


But back to what I was saying. What's the point of creating a team when you can't use that team in season mode or playoff mode? I don't want to have to take away a current NHL team just so I can replace it with created team I.e. Relocation in Franchise mode. That makes no sense whatsoever. 


NHL 17: I Hope to Creat More Team, Thanks EA


To the post that said what about AHL affiliates for the created teams. I agree with you but the way I play my season mode is that I turn off injuries just so the rosters can stay the same so if you think about it, there is no need to have an AHL affiliate for your created teams because nothin will ever change. 


This is what my dream would be for NHL 18 because I know da*m well it's not going to happen in NHL 17. Let us create up to 5 teams. With those 5 created teams, we should be able to plug them into playoff mode and season and of course play now. Now with franchise mode I can understand that would take a lot more work but for playoff mode and season mode I can't see why it would be a problem. 


I would be the happiest NHL gamer in the world if we can have a 34 team league W/O TAKING ANY CURRENT NHL TEAMS AWAY!!!! 


Cannot wait until NHL 17!!!!


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