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NHL 17: I want to see good AI next year

Stop listening to the HUT babies that don't know how to play hockey and get upset that they can't just dipsy doodle through everyone. Force them to learn how to play hockey and pass the **** puck around, to make plays and look for good scoring chances.


Make the AI goalies less apt to make desperation saves and better at stopping unscreened shots. I don't care how good a player's shot and aim is, if a goalie is EQUALLY good and square to the shot, it should be a save. Tired of seeing Legend Patrick Roy give up soft goals from the blue line on a cross grain floater.


NHL 17: I want to see good AI next year


For the love of god, bring back (limited) player attribute customization in EASHL. Stop listening to the scrubs that want to be good right away and be able to compete when they get the game in December when everyone else has been playing since August. 


Suck it up and "GIT GUD"!! Put in the time and improve your player build. You don't have the time? S#cks to be you, buttercup. I'm a father of 4 with a full time job. If I can find the time so could anyone else. If you "don't want to dedicate your life to a vidya game", then it shouldn't bother you that everyone else is level 99 while your player stays at level st00pit... go play HUT or Vs since you're a "casual".


Make improvements to the TPS engine. Add a lot more transition animations to allow us a lot more range of movements with and without the puck. Make sure ALL POSITIONS HAVE THE TOOLS TO DO THEIR JOB, not just the forwards!! Make the game teach new players the basics of how to play hockey by telling them what they're doing wrong! It's the one aspect this game is terrible at: players do the things they do because they're never shown the right way, they just do stuff until it works (right or wrong) and then run with it. I get that it's a video game, but having a little variety never hurts. Just because something only works 10% of the time, doesn't mean it's bad. Maybe if you combine it with the other 9 other things that work only 10% of the time, you might find something worthwhile. But nah... Let's just do the broken thing that work 99.9% of the time instead. I'm SUCH a stud!!!


I just want to see the game move forward, not backwards again.


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