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NHL 17: revert back to the original setting anyways

Yeah, so I had only time for three games tonight, one was drop-in Eashl, one team Eashl, and one 1v1 game. It was interesting. I used the Traffic Manager / QOS on 'traditional QOS' and set the download bandwidth to 25 Mb/s and upload to 3 Mb/s.


Both EASHL games run pretty same as on full connection speed. My ping was 34 in both games which has been the par recently. Maybe it was a placebo effect, but gameplay seemed more 'rooted' as it were, the player (d-man in both) didn't do the usual stagger lunges and seemed a little more steady. But it was just two games, and I need to play more to really know if there's any difference. But let's be charitable and say that there was very little difference (maybe a little better feel). Which is rather surprising since I choked the speed from 100/10 Mb/s to this, but what do I know.


NHL 17: revert back to the original setting anyways


In the versus game my connection speed was only 'fair' with yellow bars, and ping around high 50s. But the game was nevertheless very playable to be honest, I didn't notice any difference. I even won it 3-2.


I will contine testing just out of curiosity. The QOS setting has also the option for 'bandwidth limiter' in which you can limit it for individual devices, maybe try that too if I want to use one speed for PC and one for the PS4?


Just fiddling with it for the want of better things to do, I guess? :)


I have only a modest connection by modern standards 100/10, but out of curiosity I want to see how the game plays online, if I cut the speed down to half or even a quarter. I am expecting it to get worse, but how much, really.


It's easy enough to revert back to the original setting anyways, so I don't see a problem? The QOS page talks about giving online gaming priority, so might as well try it out at the same time. So far it's been off by default.


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