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NHL 17: the AI is indeed a big issue

A lot of these discussions are based on how many players you play with. IE: 6 man team wont have to deal with the spiderman goalies.


5 man teams wont have to deal with bad AI.


4 and below start to struggle with all of it.


NHL 17: the AI is indeed a big issue


I do however think that PART of the AI should be nerfed to encourage players wanting to play those position to mitigate the damage. The most obvious is goalie. A human goalie should be better than an AI goalie otherwise you have what we have now....nobody wants to play with a human goalie ESPECIALLY not against a team who has an AI goalie. A center AI should lose most faceoffs to a human. Encourage humans to take the faceoff if they are important to you.


As for the rest, the offense should be competent enough to complete plays to an extent. They dont have to be godlike but they can perform well enough if you set them up.


Defense is the trickiest. Make them too strong and they make everyone want to play nothing but forward and let defense Ai deal with the defensive part of the game. This is reinforced with spiderman goalies 10x. Result, everyone playing with 2-3 players ignore defense and goalie.


On the flip side, one AI defender should be better than a cone and be able to help a human defender.


The current game have the worse of both. The defense can be pretty solid overall together as AIs and completely inept with a human involved.


I dont think nerfing the offense a lot is the solution. I always preached the opposite. Nerf goalies a lot. Work on improving defence and giving tools. Keep offense somewhat similar. Nerf the curl back wrister only since that **** makes no sense and also is a key issue with ballerina abuse.


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