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NHL 17: the clock is slower on the PK

The clock is slower on the PK and as Taste mentioned, it speeds up if you dump it to encourage that level of play. That has been in the game since before my time.


When we made the bug fix in NHL 16 for the clock speed (it was slightly faster than it should have been for years apparently due to an update issue) some other things were changed slightly to accommodate.


That is why we went to 4 min periods and the PK time was scaled accordingly. People thought it felt alright and the PP scoring percentages we were seeing from teams was decent so it has been left there.


When we started working with the gamechangers, they requested that we try a slider for even strength situations where there are less guys on the ice (i.e. 4 on 4) so there is a slider for that too. In the end, they decided after playing that it wasn't a good thing and that scale was bumped back up.


Overall, what would need to be done in my opinion to make this better is similar to what Taste mentioned and be dealt with in fatigue, puck carrier agility, puck control, etc. and then even better AI support when defending on the PP. We did some work this year on it and they do a better job of using the extra man but it could be much better.


That is why in EASHL a strong team will get the puck easier back because they have players that are good with the defensive tools and work good as a team to adapt and trap the puck carrier forcing turnovers. Some really good players that play 1v1 are great at using the strategies and working with their AI to get the puck back as well though.


NHL 17: the clock is slower on the PK


The shorter periods means that with real time, you could kill a powerplay with one dump. Slowing the clock on the PP makes taking a penalty a true disadvantage and gives the PP team a chance to setup with that man advantage.


The clock going back to real time on a clear was to prevent players that were behind from cheating and taking penalties on purpose to give themselves a chance to catch up in a game by having more time to do so.


The condition occurs when the puck clears center ice.


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