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NHL 17: the leaderboard change made absolutely no sense

The fact that they aren't fixing it is mind blowing. Who is the idiot that thought this change was needed?


Would you not assume that making the whole ranking system completely uncompetitive would make it pointless for people who don't plan to play 6000 games in a year to spend any money on the mode? It amazes me how they didn't take a huge hit from pack sales after this change. 


Ya a lot of people don't care about leaderboards or their rank, but I would assume the people that spend hundreds/thousands on packs each year are obviously doing it to help them win. Makes no sense to me


NHL 17: the leaderboard change made absolutely no sense


Not amazing at all man. Think about it: It's the win-at-all-costs attitude that drives this mode and pack sales. People just want to win. Combine this with a credit card (and probably compulsive disorders) people will buy packs. Sad thing is, give the controller to the right person and he can be extremely competitive with an average team of 87 overalls. All this Crosby and Ovechkin or Price mentality is completely stupid when you think that not a single HUT player plays as his real life counter part. Every player plays the same way except for mostly speed. Use a bronze card or the best card, and when you are not controlling those players, they behave the exact same way and follow the same preset paths and routines. 


The controller does the major of the work, not the card. Bad players think they need a bunch of Movember cards when in fact, it is completely false.


Ya for sure, it's hilarious to me seeing guys who have spent a ton of money getting these top end cards just to have 0 creativity and no ability to even make use of having those kinds of players, they could accomplish the same style of play with a starter pack team. 


As far as people spending a ton of money because they want to win though, if you are so driven to win in the game that you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars to do it, wouldn't those players have the goal of being a top hut player? I mean hell, I'm 193-15 now in HUT and not even top 7000, I know I will never play enough to even be top 500, so therefor why would I ever feel the need to spend hundreds just to be 7000th on the leaderboards, it's pointless. The leaderboard changes took the only mode that people pay to be competitive in, into the least competitive mode online. 


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