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NHL 17: What Has Happened to the Human Goalie?

The Goaltending is much worse than 16' despite new mechanics and somewhat smoother post to post feel. Offense has always and will always be the main focus while defense and goalie will always be poor.




-We need faster lateral movement. Goalies are way to slow.


-Short side is still a problem. I can be in very good position and the goalie doesn't attempt a shoulder save. I feel like there should be some sort of new save animation to help goalies out with this short side cheese, but not all the time. Throw the shoulder up or something to stop this short side ****, ESPECIALLY when I'm hugging the post. It just cannot happen.


- Post hugging, though improved, is still clunky and not fluid at all. - Why does the goalie turn diagonal and sometimes backwards facing my own net? Shouldn't happen at all


- Goalie movement while in precision is still a tad too slow.


- When your goalie makes a save in butterfly and you get hit by either your own teammate or the opposition, your goalie remains frozen and unresponsive (pressing "x" doesn't work...usually needs a whistle or pressing triangle)


NHL 17: What Has Happened to the Human Goalie?


- Sniping human goalies is way too easy and you can be in perfect position. - This has happened to me NUMEROUS of times!


- Im getting punished for slowly following the puck carrier, and if he shoots while im slightly moving, the goalie will practically dodge the puck and it goes in.


-I make the save and see where the rebound has gone, but my goalie doesn't move and they score. A super delayed reaction.


- Nothing to do with goalie, but the Computer AI in EASHL is GOD AWFUL! I cant tell you how many times ive been scored on due to their inability to make a smart play behind the net and in my zone.


- I like the kick aspect for goalies, but I should not be held responsible for breakaways and cross crease goals (and I get kicked from the game). Defense should be held accountable too. Save % aspect grading system for goalies is trash. I can make amazing saves that don't increase that grading system, but the moment I let in a cross crease or deflected shot, my grading will decrease a ton. Ridiculous.


- I personally feel like skating needs to be faster for goalies. I can dump a puck in and the computer AI goalie can skate out and get to the back of the net so quickly, but when I attempt to do it, I'm too slow or I'm getting caught by the invisible barrier of the net. Overall, goalie has improved, but its not fluid, its clunky and garbage goals continue to go in while in great position (yes I am aware garbage goals happen in real life). Offline, goalie is, its bad and not responsive enough. EA needs to get it together. Goalie and Defense is always getting **** on.


-Just thought of one...There have been times where I am in the dirty bird position when I make the save and the puck ends up underneath me (Of course you have people slamming into you, poking) for a good 5 seconds, then the puck pops out. That whistle should have been blown a long time ago because the puck was not visible. Sometimes plays like that cost a goal because the whistle wasn't blown.


-Playing a drop in as goalie, when i let up 2 goals and my team scores 5 goals in the first, all the oppositions quit in the 1st period, yet my GAA is over 4 because we couldnt finish the game is bull because of how GAA is calculated in terms of how much time is left.


-My team is winning 3-0 (Im goalie) and the other team decides to quit with 1 minute left in the 3rd and i dont get credited for a shutout. THAT needs to be fixed. I didnt just face 16 or so shots and get punished because the other team couldnt score on me.


Goaltending is a headache and is enough to cause a brain aneurysm.


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