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NHL 17: when does the next major patch arrive? November?

My guess is that the same exact thing will occur during next playoffs. Hope I'm wrong.


Glad though that Mr James showed up.


When does the next major patch arrive? November?


NHL 17: when does the next major patch arrive? November? - See more at:


Some of the bugs are:

People dropping from games, even at faceoffs. Seen it happen to RW a bit more then the rest, might just be circumstance..Why is re sync so hard? I seen my ping jump from 40-50 to 70, that's 20 ms for a split second, and I'm out. I mean the game isn't on, resync again?


Why is the game still lagging so hard in menus? Sometimes I press 3 times to get to the next option.


Who hasn't dropped out of the EASHL dressing room trying to change position?

Often when I pause a game, I press down, (going for timeout), and X, and the game resumes instead, and I just blown our only pause!! On that point, why cant I during play, on that overlay menu, request a timeout at the next whistle?


Why cant we play a normal drop in with 11 friends?


Why cant a club set its strategy's before the game?


Why cant a hockey club do practices together?


Why cant I rejoin my game when I lose connection? Lets say at the next whistle.


Why cant I choose what server I want to play dropin on?


Why cant I pick up a slow moving puck right beside me? Why does "Seamless puck-pickups" takes me several meters offside instead of letting me break and get the puck onside?


Why does the puck so often take a totally unrealistic bounce to another enemy tape after the first guy gets hit/poked/stick lifted?


Insanely weak shots or passes still goes in or create a juicy rebound, while hard low slappers gets smothered!


Blocked shots doesn't register! Often I see the game register 3 blocks for me in game, and when I look at the stats after the game, I have 0 blocks.


Sometimes, a player gets stuck in an animation, just gliding slowly in to the boards, often offside. Nothing you can do until next stoppage in play.


Why is the players lateral acceleration so high with the puck, it encourages ppl to figure skate.


Why is input lag so bad even in perfect condition, always feel like everything you do happens after a delay?


Instead of going on, I'll must say that I like a lot of what you done with game.

Customization, new classes, fewer pauses, position picks before lobby's, autokicks when AFK, autoloss when goalie leaves in club games, weaker CPU-goalies when human goalie leaves in dropins, pass-assist slider, recognition of milestones, group hugs, bench celly, relocation in Franchise mode and other small improvements!


Lets have a monster patch! Get the game in a good place before going to frostbite, because I reckon you will not be able to do mush for the gameplay while you focus on copy paste stuff from current engine?


How about making Ben Senior producer of the series, he seams to be passionate about the game, compared to Rammer and the like.......


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