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NHL 17 Coins Making Guide

Hey guys what's going on today, I'm here back for NHL 17 Coins Making Guide and if you guys are struggling to earn some hockey ultimate team coins early on the game.


Have no fear as I'm here to help you guys out today, as i'm going to be giving you a bunch of different strategies in order to earn a bunch of hockey ultimate team coins right at the gate, so you guys are right for this video make sure to leave a like down below and subscribe if you guys want to see some more angel content on NHL17Coin, but today I'm here to help you guys out and give you guys a bunch of different strategies in order to earn ocular trauma team coins that can affect the beginning get up the game and the long haul of the game so let us get started alright so the first way is pretty simple obviously just play game


If you are a hardcore gamer like me, obviously you will want to take your skills to the online seasons mode and play against other players. It's obviously get you more coins in the long haul, because you're playing against computer other players. if you're good a haul because you're playing against computer other players if you're good at NHL 17, you can obviously have the chance to make your opponent's rage quit or leave the game early which allows you to complete more games. However if you're a casual type of player, you can still do the single-player seasons as well and you can just grind against the computer; if you're good against the computer and know how to play against the computer.


NHL 17 Coins Making Guide


It shouldn't take you that long to grind through those games, ok so the next place where you can earn some points in this game; if you have some extra ones lying around is obviously just by the packs it's rng lock basically, but if you have the extra coins lying around, you can buy a pack and hope to get a good pull in one of those packs. Obviously, you can sell all the items you get in there for obviously over less price sold and try to make your profit back that way, or if you get lucky and get a good pull you have enough coins, and then you can start doing some of our other methods here, but packs obviously are an rng based way of making points. 


So if you have the extra ones lying around, i say go for it and try to press your luck, and see if you can get a good pull in one of these packs. Ok guys, in the next method been in an NHL game, for as far as i know as far as i've been playing the game the minutes / one-hour mark method. Now in the past versions of the game it's been a lot harder to grind this method out, because it took so long to get to the 59 minute; However if we want to see how long it'll take us to get to the 59 minutes in this game, all i have to do is hit the right bumper a bunch of times, the menus are so much faster this year. You can see the time remaining down at the bottom, and we have got to the 59th minute in less than 10 seconds, and one in previous games it's taken us over 10 minutes to get to the 59th minute, but here is where you guys want to hang around, if you want to get those really good steals on players. 


Now the reason you want to play around this area is because most players in hockey ultimate team list their cards up for one hour, now this is where you can obviously find some really good steals on the players; if you know the market what you'll have to do in order to really be successful at this method is no the market and the prices of each player's; now I was a little confused at first, because i couldn't find the last price old of any of the players obviously down below, just shows you the current bids the by now is the start prices, and the time remaining contract length and obviously the seller. But if you click on a person, for example, TJ oshie and make an offer it will show you the last parcel of the player, and I honestly this is actually a really good price to buy TJ oshie, he has a buy now of 10.8 right now is less price old is 12 k, so if you want to try to make some profit on this, you can obviously by TJ oshie and try to flip him or around the twelve cabins less price sold, and this is obviously where you want to hang around; if you're a really good grinding person of the hockey ultimate team at game now - that in order to be really successful at the 59 minutes / one-hour mark is to analyze, and figure out which player is the one hour player now let me explain that, if you guys go to the time remaining, and see you want to look for the closest player, who is closest to the 59 minute / hour mark you want to find the player, who is closest to the next hour mark player.


So in this case, it would be pregnant Gallagher because he has 59 minutes and 20 seconds remaining, while Anthony has the one-hour mark, so what you'll need to do is you can just go to the next page, then flip back and look for Brendan Gallagher, if he's still on the market and then all these players that will have a new time remaining higher than Brendan Gallagher, having just been posted to the marketplace, so that way you can analyze all the players, pass the brendan gallagher find the new our player, which in this case will be Benoit Pouliot flip forward flip back foot back and foot forward, and as you guys can see once again by my pool yet. 


Riley Sheahan Mike Smith Jonathan Bernier and matt reed are all new players that have just been added to the marketplace, so you just do this constantly try to figure out the market, as best you can analyze the players for their starting price and less price sold, ising pre-sold thereon ironclad is at 9k coins, as a starting price of 5k coins, so you can I this again to some bidding wars with players, but this is just honestly a really good place - in order to make some points analyze the players for last price olds, trying to figure out what the best price the plot by players for, and you can obviously just go from there have fun in this area. 


It's so much easier to get to this place; now in previous games so you can just chill around here for, as long as you want try to flip some players and earn coins that way.

Ok, so the next way involves these bad boys right here collectibles; now how can you get these collectibles in NHL 17, well that is very simple you get the gold collectibles in this game by completing sets; now if we go to the set section here of the hockey ultimate team hub and check out, how you get those collectibles the collectible set upgrades.


Obviously, you can get gold collectible silver collectibles bronze collectibles and carbon collectibles, now the reason the way you can get the gold collectibles, and i would suggest just doing the gold collectibles methods first, and obviously the way to earn coins is because most commonly people are opening up cold packs more than anything! So you get the gold collectibles by either completing these four sets here, which you trade in 10 logos you gotta go collectible, you do five coaches you get 110 jerseys or 10 arenas, and obviously once you complete one of those you'll get a pack and you'll get a gold collectible that you will be able to use on the marketplace, go collectibles are sellable that's why they are on the market place you can buy them, or if you have the code the consumable items laying around in your collection; You can make them yourself you can trade in five Silver's 41 gold five bronze for a silver ten gold for a carbon; now the way i think that most people will be trying to earn money in this game or coins using these gold collectibles is going to be for, these sets right here, which is the quick sell sets now as you guys saw on the market will go back to their in the second, this set right here i think will be the most common way people will try to earn coins in this game. 


And as you guys can see is the super gold quick self set, where you can send a to gold collectibles to set for a chance to get a quick sell item up to 15,000 coins, as we go back to the marketplace and check out the goal collectibles, that some people were selling on the market is really risk and reward, if you really think about this is gambling in a sense of, how you think you'll be able to earn points now as you guys saw you sent to go collectibles to asset, and you'll be able to get a quick little item up to 15,000 points. 


As you guys can see the by now prices, for around these collectibles varies from like 3k to around 5 to 6 k, if you want to take a risk you can buy possibly to these gold collectibles right here for 3.5 k, which will cost you 7k and total now 7k at a 15k is roughly around half the amount of points. So if you want to buy these two gold collectibles and send those to that super gold quick sell set, you have a fifty percent chance of getting higher than what you spent on the goal collectibles, and you have a fifty percent chance of getting lower than what you spent on the collectible. So roughly from what I've seen around those sets, you it's roughly around 3k. 


As well I've been getting for doing most of those some losing about 2k per time. I do those but they might get lucky one time in 15 k, and what with that being said you can earn 7k, just by buying two things off the market; So you can obviously by collectible sell them flip them as well um probably once carbon collectibles get on the market.


You'll see that they'll be pretty pricey as well, but you can obviously just buy gold collectibles and try to flip them for little amounts at a time; but this one this method right here for buying gold collectibles off the market and try to send those to those sets and flip them, in order to try to get lucky and maybe get a good profit from those quick sell sets, I think I'm going to be trying my best here, because i do have a decent amount of coins right.


I may be trying to do that very often in the game, where it might just be risking reward. If you get like 3k you lose 4k in the process, but you know it's a risk and reward for these quick sell sets, because you can one gold right here is 475 you by 43, you know why for around half mainly people are pricing the gold quick sell consumables on the market for roughly, around half of 7.5 


So that's why the collectibles are in the market, for around 3k is because that's roughly around what the value is for them, but i would suggest trying out the super gold set if you can find those collectibles for around, three ke chor three-and-a-half 4k you know, it might be worth it to try to press your luck and get around me, uh max 7k profit just for buying some things on the market; even if you get the carbon ones maybe by of ten gold ten gold ones, and then send it into a carbon and then try your luck with that one, as well you know a lot of things with these quick sell sets in order to possibly on profit in this game. 


That is one method right there is buying out those gold consumables on the market, or doing them yourself by sending all your unused logos team jersey arenas coaches, whatever and trying that method out for yourself a nerd, in order to earn coins guys that was just a basic rundown of some of the methods that I definitely will be using an NHL 17, in order to earn coins just a little quick overview you can go the 59th minute or the one-hour mark on those players, to find the Steel's that have just been posted to the marketplace, you can buy packs and press your luck in hopes to get a really good player. 


And you can do the gold consumables method where you can either make the goal consumables yourself, and send them to the quick-set sets or buy them off the market and send them to the quick-set sets, in order to press your luck by hopefully making either double the amount of money, or some little bit of extra pop profit each time. You do it or just sit back and grind the games that you would normally do in hockey ultimate team, if you're good at the game try head-to-head, if you're a casual gamer play against the computers and earn your coins that way. So thank you guys for indy readinging!!!


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