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NHL 17 does not reward good plays

Here is a core gameplay complaint I've had for years. I'll state this vaguely and then try to give specific examples.


This game does not reward good plays. It does favor bad plays. This should be your number one goal to fix at all costs, even at the expense of realism.


NHL 17 does not reward good plays


Defensive Examples


It's easier to have success defending the rush not backskating and staying square to the puck carrier, but instead skating next two, in front of (right in front of) the puck carrier, or even skating behind the puck carrier, in all situations with you facing your own net. There are less tripping penalties, it seems, better results from pucks or the stick hitting legs/skates, and more control/speed.


Things to change:


There should never be tripping penalties when you are facing the puck carrier and backskating.


Defenders need a bigger window for pokechecks to be effective. By this, I mean I shouldn't miss a poke check if the puck is 3 inches in front of my stick. As it is now, the puck needs to be exactly like a 16 or so inches in front of me. If it's closer, your player just misses the puck completely.


Goalie Examples


One timers are hard enough to setup onetimers in this game. Goalies shouldn't be so good at stopping them. Conversely, entering the zone and firing any type of shot immediately, slapper, wrister within 2 feet of the blueline should never go in. I feel like I've lost many games over the years where I am wide open for one timers all game and getting stonewalled, and 1 of the 3 shots my opponent takes all game is like that and it goes in.


Another example this time specific to human goalies is some of the reaction saves, particularly when a human goalie is sitting on the goaline. Too many times (for years) I've seen a human goalie out of position, leaving half the net open, yet can snag a puck with his glove no problem, even if his head is behind a wall of 3 players. 

Meanwhile, you can be challenging out on top of your crease, perfectly square and in position and still give up a goal.


Also, as an aside, I'm tired of getting scored on because my goalie (human or AI) fails to cover a puck that is calmly laying in front of him. Puck covers should be more effective. This includes times when the goalie is sitting on the puck, but the game doesn't recognize it, and the goalie is unable to do anything to stop the play.


The top priority needs to be balance and reward. I just don't get that feeling anymore. It seems to be more about luck, RNG, connection and exploits rather than skill, hockey knowledge, or teamwork.


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