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NHL 17 Human Goalie Rebounds

My main beef with these "rebound" goals is that the puck is always flush and always goes in the perfect angle towards the opponent's stick. At the angle the pad is and the way the puck hits it, it should be going towards the boards more, instead it ALWAYS goes towards the front of the net, where an opponent is crashing to get to the rebound.


Also, this:


NHL 17 Human Goalie Rebounds


Can we please get rid of this?? I like to play aggressively and get out of crease to challenge point shots. I don't need the game telling me how to play goalie when it doesn't even understand the basics of the position, THANK YOU. Goal line goalies are TRASH. Get off my back, "coach"... These little "feedbacks" also are tacked onto me when MY OWN PLAYERS ram into me and push me out of the net. It's happened to me twice already (I've played 200+ games as goalie) where I get kicked out of the game because the coach blamed me for "roaming".


Yet goalies that come out of the net constantly trying to pick a fight or trying to draw an interference penalty, that's ok...


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