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NHL 17 is no more realistic than NHL 12

I'll take NHL 12 over 17 any day of the week.


NHL 17 is no more realistic than 12 (Bubbles, forcefields, inconsistent physics, puck protect invincibility, being more agile with the puck than without it, trampoline boards, broken vision control etc, etc,etc..) But it is dramatically less fun.


Offline players need not chime in since they are in a whole different universe. Not sure why they even chime in on this when they can set up the game whatever way they want with sliders. But I digress.


NHL 17 is no more realistic than NHL 12


Give me the old skating back (it's no more or less realistic than what we have now) so we can all have full control again. Full control is far more important than what we have now. Offense and defense were balanced in the old engine and so it was all relative anyways. It played FAR more like actual hockey than this hot mess we have right now because it was balanced and you had complete control.


Realism is achieved by giving us enough control that we can play hockey the way it's meant to be played. It can't be mandated through programming or it's not organic. That's why the game feels so "off". Like I always say, a game's enjoyment is directly proportional to the amount of control you have within the game. That's what creates skill gaps.


And I'm one of the better VS players on this board so it's not a "git gud" issue. Its not a case of whining because I can't win (Cogs, I'm a little higher than you on the leaderboard with about half the games played.) My club is D1 with a great record as well.


This is a case of "give us our game back." I am very successful at this game but I really don't enjoy playing it at all. I clamor for the old days. My love for hockey is all that keeps me here. But my patience has worn thin and my old club of 25+ players is down to 5. Tumbleweeds are blowing across the ice.


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