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NHL 17 Obviously 5 Man Celebration

One of the best parts about Fifa is there is players who dive, smack the ground and/or get in the refs face when there's a bad call. There's crowd chants, and like 30+ celebrations that your whole team gets in on. FIFA 17 to me is the best FIFA to date BECAUSE of those things. Granted, FIFA has more money than NHL, so it makes sense, but EANHL isn't completely off the hook. Here's some thing EA could add (just very subtle changes that would make the game incredible):


NHL 17 Obviously 5 Man Celebration


Obviously 5 Man Celebration after every goal, and a bench clearing celebration when you win in OT, esp in the playoffs


Banner Raising in ALL modes (HUT, EASHL, Franchise)


Jersey Retirement, like a big ceremony


Players arguing "bad calls"/ captains talking to refs


Season Opener ceremony announcing coaches and players


Player Popularity, like how Crosby gets booed everytime he touches the puck but is the goldn child of Pittsburgh sports


Winter Classic in franchise mode


(Bring back the old trade deadline in Franchise while I'm ranting)


Better Scouting, like you can go to a CHL game and use a team to tryout a player,

Tournaments in HUT and/or EASHL with exclusive rewards


An Online arcade-style mode, like 3v3 NHL Arcade, or Free-4-All. (Ranked? UnRanked? Who gives a f--k, eh?)


GM Connected, with better matchmaking, sliders, and quicker sim periods.

See where I'm going with this? It's all about presentation and atmosphere. If 17 had all this (^^^) and if the **** stick lifts worked, then I guess we'd have the best NHL title to date.


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