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NHL 17 Patch is live!

Well, the patch is live on XBL now (in case anyone was having doubts). All the list of fixes seem to have made it in, at least as far as EASHL is concerned. Goalie stances will now save to your profile. Drop-in games no longer freeze or have the timer glitch out. 


I played a few games as goalie and sadly they may be my last unless a few major problems are resolved. 


#1 (with a BULLET) - Tone down the player with the puck's lateral acceleration for the LOVE OF GAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!! It's like he has half the width of the ice in which to move the puck while I have a few inches to the left or right of me. 


Look how much of a wide angle of attack the player has compared to my coverage. Couple that with the slow speeds at which the goalie still moves around... Which brings me to my 2nd point. 


#2 - Raise the goalies movement speed when using precision movements please. Moving even just 2 feet from one side of the crease to an other takes 2-3 seconds, it's ridiculous! I know this was done to give human goalies a bit more "fine" control while moving around in the crease, but trying to stay in front of the puck to cover the angles at this speed is impossible. 


#3 - Give us more fine control over LT butterfly saves/glides. The disparity between the stumpy precision movements of the goalie using the LS to move in the crease and then the erratic, uncontrollable glides and saves using the Trigger creates havoc when there's a lot of movement of the puck in front of the goalie. If you make a save and the puck rebounds to either side, if you try to use the butterfly save button to re-position yourself to face the shot, it sends you wildly out of position. Which makes you want to compensate by doing another butterfly save in the opposite direction and now you end up going side to side like a demented pendulum, always overshooting your mark until the other team simply picks up the rebound and scores on an empty net. The RS (Desperation save) function is no better... 


NHL 17 Patch is live!


#4 - If the LT or L1 Button is to be the Precision, Butterfly save function, then the RS Desperation save needs to be the go to "get across the crease to make a one-timer save" function. Right now it's not even close to that. In the 2 games I've played, there was plenty of times when I used the LT to make an initial butterfly save, and then the puck rebound to the side where another player was attempting to bat in the rebound. When I pressed the Right Thumbstick in the direction to make a sprawling save, instead my goalie simply meekly stuck out his leg while staying in the same position I was when I made the initial butterfly save. And that's another problem... 


#5 - Goalies still freezes in place during save animations. At least two goals in both games were the result of my goalie getting stuck in place doing a butterfly save animation instead of going in the direction I wanted to make the save. At first I thought it was an error on my part, probably hitting the LT before hitting the Left Thumbstick in the direction I wanted to go first. But when I corrected my inputs, and pressed the LS in a direction and THEN pressing the LT to make a save, my goalie would STILL just drop straight down into butterfly where I squeezed the trigger, leaving the entire net open for a goal. 


A few other things I saw that left me scratching my head while playing goalie: 


- I came out of my net to play an errant puck so I could pass it to my d-man. But instead of picking up the puck on my blade, the goalie made a sprawling save attempt, giving a juicy rebound that they other team could've put into my net had my players not been first to the puck while I was in "recovery" animation getting up... 


- The charge time to lob the puck with the goalie has been considerably raised. Twice I tried to dump the puck out of my zone after charging the RB button for about 1 second and using the Right Stick, but both times the puck stayed on the ice. On subsequent tries I noticed that I had to hold the Bumper one more second to get the puck to rise off the ice. This leaves a goalie vulnerable to get picked by a rushing forward from the opposing team as you're left waiting much too long to be able to properly play the puck out of the zone. 


- I still saw a few instances of the goalie warping into the net when initiating a post hug. 


- Going from post to post is still much too slow. Using the RS helps, but if the player does a quick wraparound, the goalie will attempt a save from the position he's currently in when the shot is taken. Meaning you'll see the goalie try to do a butterfly save in the middle of the net instead of trying to stick out his leg or stick, or try to close the gap to the post. 


- A few times (I'd say bout 2-3 times), I noticed my goalie would sometimes "skip" some animation frames while moving around in the crease. It's nothing serious, but it can surprise you when you see your goalie be in one place then blip into existence a few inches away. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing that. Might be just me or some connection issues, packet loss... Whatever the case, I thought it was weird. 


So that's it for now. I don't think I'll get back into the game to play goalie for a while. I have about over 1 hour of trial left and I'd like to play a few last games with the guys in my club tonight. I also do not relish having to go through any more grief as a human goalie until at least most of the things I mentioned get sorted out. It's just too frustrating for me as a goalie and it's not fair to my teammates who, BTW, both times had to contend with playing against a team of 5 players and an AI Goalie because there's never a human goalie playing online right now. 


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