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NHL 17 Skill Gap Compression

In the prev gen games I could tell if someone was better than me. Of course there is going to be a fluke here and there where I lose while outplaying my opponent, but when you play enough to legitimately know you can just put the controller down because there is nothing you can do at some points, I think something is up.


Like I've said numerous times, my players lose their ****, they can literally go and stand all together somewhere and not move, I cannot switch to the proper player, my guys are turning like cement trucks, etc.


Interesting fact: the only people that I know IRL that don't notice these things are the people that completely blow at the game.


NHL 17 Skill Gap Compression


Here's some stuff to think about if you think "Ice tilt" is so insanely ridiculous

1) when you shoot at the end of a period you have a better chance of scoring on whatever you throw at the net. That's some weird coding isn't it?


2) Do you not play enough nhl to notice you have a way better chance at winning a shorthanded faceoff? My vermette can suddenly win draws when he's been getting dominated all game by their superstar credit card HUT team.


3) How about the time out feature? Shouldn't that make both teams fresh? If so, why does your opponent suddenly get a huge momentum boost? Do you seriously just assume he just decided to turn it on when you could hear him throwing his controller across the room for the last 15 minutes because he couldn't touch the puck?


4) Pulling the goalie. It can go both ways but in my opinion against anyone that has a clue what they're doing, it usually ends up with them getting a goal.


5) Fights can turn an entire game around. Big hit forced to fight and all of a sudden opponent knows how to play. No idea how many times I've seen that in this series.


Just a few examples of EA outcome coding that has an impact on the game.


Not just that though. Since last gen the AI has become more and more involved in vs/hut games. BTW I feel like AI involvement is wrong on so many levels. I should never be playing a human and have their cpu randomly lay me out or poke the puck off my stick. It should not even be an option to let the cpu do anything for you. They should get in position and that's it! How are you people not more annoyed with this? Not to get sidetracked, but what determines if the AI does make a hit or poke the puck off your stick? This is also some weird coding don't you think as it's not absolute that they will do anything.


I honestly feel like there should just be an option to watch your team play some days on this game. Furthest thing from an esport. What a shame this series has become.


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