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NHL 17 Stick Lift Issue

The stick lift issue is an issue that they are working on, they dont come here and post hour to hour updates...I guess maybe thats what people want.


They took a holiday after release...where did you hear that?


Game breaking bugs with EASHL? Please elaborate..


NHL 17 Stick Lift Issue


A giant forum deletion conspiracy theory, these are the things I love. While looks shady, but let be honest here, the forums are a thing of the past, its the step child of social media if you will. There was no maintenance done, features broken and left, hell as a MOD I could hardly do anything, once I chose to ban someone that was it, they weren't coming back...not by my decision...because the boards were so fubar'd.


This was inevitable, im glad the forums blew up...these are so much better in every aspect.


People waiting on real reviews? Im pretty sure you can get a more descriptive review from a different source...many actually not just the "EA Forums".


All the lost content is a bummer, I lost years of posts, PM's, well as topics, were all kinda upset thats all gone.


I dont directly work for EA, but I've been around as a mod for enough years to know that these types of topics aren't the best way to get someones attention. I can convey info, hell with new forums and new MOD controls dare I say...we might see some DEV action in the future.


Lots of people are frustrated, good news is its tuner stuff mostly with gameplay, that can be fixed or tuned if you will. I for one agree with most peoples issues, so before you ride in and try and coin me as an EA fan boy, I too have some issues, I just convey them differently.


Just some food for thought, at the end of the day we all want the same thing...a polished product depicting one our favorite hobbies.


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