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Skill is you putting in the time to get better in NHL 17

Skill is you putting in the time to get better in NHL 17


I've played hockey for 24 years. If someone comes up to me and just started playing hockey videogames, chances are I'd be better than him. Is that balance? Is that fair? No, but it doesn't have anything to do with either. If I put in the time, then I should be better. Those are things that augment my natural skill and knowledge as time goes by and I put the effort into it. 


Think of two hockey players who both start out with the same "talent". But one chooses to practice and train every day, while the 2nd one only trains when he has the time or the inclination. Guess which one will be better? That would have nothing to do with skill which is innate. It would have everything to do with how a human can progress his body, which again, if you put in the time, is something that SHOULD be expected. 


It's the same as If tomorrow, I decide to go against a real NHL goalie, even a goalie that only started playing 10 years ago. He'd be faster, stronger. He'd have more stamina. He'd be more flexible. That's not skill, that's him putting in the time to perfect his body that complements his skill. And no amount of wishful thinking on my part, that our bodies were on par so that only our skill can decide the outcome, is going to change that fact. 


These builds have eliminated all of that. There is no longer any way for me to overcome my weaknesses against an opponent who has unique attributes that complements his skills. Now if he picks a build, I just pick a build that counters his build and voila! There's no skill involved. 


Now everybody is the same. That's not balance. That's boring...


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