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Some Final Thoughts on NHL 17 Beta

All in all it seems much better than 16. 


The card art looks much better, especially the legends. And I like how you can finally check the hidden stats, it kept me from buying some cards that have "89 shooting" but actually only 86 wrist shot power and accuracy. 


MENUS are still SLOW. 

While searching the auction house, it'd be much easier to have a scroll button like in hut13 rather than clicking "league>nhl. team>washington". It takes too long. It's good how you can enter the coin amount that you want, though. 


Some Final Thoughts on NHL 17 Beta


Also, when you're adding a card to a set, it shouldn't make you search your collection for said card. For example, if you wanted to put the carbon collectible into the set, it'd take you right to it. But if you wanted to add a gold player to the set where you need 10 for an 87+ player, you'd have to first search for those players. It doesn't really make much sense to set a search parameter as the only cards you can add are gold cards, so it should automatically go to your collection looking for those. 


Lastly, you should be able to multi-select cards in your collection. I wanted to quicksell like 20 healing cards but had to do each by itself which wasn't worth the time lol. 


Gameplay is better, but there's still minor things that can be fixed. 

One thing that's kind of annoying is that the goalie takes a puck off the mask like 3 times a game. This isn't a realistic amount, even though this doesn't really matter for overall gameplay. 


Face-off tie ups need to be toned down. If you tie up the center in the offensive zone, you're most likely going to score. This is pretty hard to do IRL so it should be fixed by either not being able to tie up in the offensive zone, of the defense reacting faster. 

Slap shots need to be toned down too. Too many of them go in, and some from pretty bad spots. The most OP version of the slap shot is having off handed dmen and one timering those slap shots. Those go in like 40% of the time which is still too high. I like all the tip ins, and how some soft goals can still sneak by, and how they fixed the cross creases, but now slap shots need to be toned down a bit and the game would be pretty realistic. 


LMK your thoughts and if you agree or not.


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