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Some thoughts on NHL 17, from an old player

I’ve been playing since NHL ’94, play it all year round. I even suggested the Create a Team option being a Hartford area resident and dreaming of the Hurricanes coming back as the Whalers. So thank you for adding that back on NHL 17 with all the new bells and whistles.


I only play Franchise Mode so here’s my thoughts on NHL 17 and where you can maybe go:


Is there a way you can insert a Winter Classic in place of the All-Star Game? It would be awesome to have the user-controlled team play a Winter Classic on the first home game in January, every season in Franchise Mode. It could even be some generic stadium design, like the EA Sports Stadium. Just miss those graphics, the snow falling, the walk across the field etc. It’s the biggest non-Cup event of the season and is missing completely.


Some thoughts on NHL 17, from an old player


I love the career milestone announcements/celebrations but want to be able to view career Totals under a player’s bio. The game knows a player just scored his 200th Goal and show his career stats with him sitting on the bench, but aside from that and the Retired Players screen, there’s no way to check running totals.


Playing Issues:

I sim the first 10 games, play the 11th, and in the game, the Alternate Captain forward has been replaced by the Captain, even when the Captain is a D. So the Captain is on two lines and gets credit for playing 2 games. By season’s end he was winding up with 85-86 Games Played depending on how many times this happened, while the replaced Alternate appeared to have missed 3-4 games.


All CPU-controlled team captains changed to A’s, stripped Ovechkin, Crosby, Toews et al. I think this has been reported.


Please finally get rid of the Amateur Scout popup every Monday. I’ve never used it and all it does is interrupt by Sim.


While in my second year of a 25-year Franchise Mode sim, the created jerseys for my created team hiccupped and stretched the logo over the shoulders of the sweater. So they still had the logo, but an outline of the logo was stitched hugely over the shoulders and wrapped around the waist, matching the colors of the sweater where it appeared. It stayed like that for several weeks-worth of schedule before the game crashed (simply threw me out to the main menu without warning), and when I reloaded Last Saved, the issue was fixed. Don’t know if anyone else has reported this.


And I much preferred the old color chart when designing uniforms than this inaccurate wheel.


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