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The goalies now need "skill" to actually be good

I hate when you say us goalies now need "skill" to actually be good. There are just insufficient changes to the position to warrant needing "skill."


Just playing near a post is freaking horrendous. Last gen was 50 times more fluid in this regard. Once you get slightly past the post, your goalie will rotate and that's where you get snagged to the post. Just plain horrid mechanics behind it.

Goalies STILL lock up on one-timers.


Now apparently if you move even slightly the shooter will score. How stupid is that? Really? I am willing to bet the update screwed this up. Was not an issue in the beta.

There is still a too big of a bubble in the crease at the goal line. No wonder players know to snipe from extremely tight angles as they know you will either not hug the post, or if you do decide to hug the post the shot comes in faster than the goalie can complete his animation.


The goalies now need "skill" to actually be good


Auto save animations still override controller input.


Players can deke at least twice as fast as goalies movement speed. The precision movement is still way too slow.


Since 16, goalies have to actually load up their pushing leg before initiating a push. Yea sure that is all fine and dandy and has a certain realism to it, but is just wrong for this game. As a real life goalie, you can "preload" your pushing leg, or at the very least, prepare for it beforehand knowing you will need it. You can't redistribute your weight to one skate or the other.This game does not offer that. Also makes it worse when combined with the fact forwards can pull off dekes and dribble the puck twice as fast as goalies and most players in real life. Plus, there is still input delay. Oddly, forwards will NEVER lose the puck unless physical contact is initiated.


Every push or slide has a predetermined distance and always has the same speed. Sure you can push harder with L2, but it is again a predetermined speed with predetermined distance. You can also cancel a slide animation with X, but that should not be. Slide distances should be determined by how long we hold a button down. Release the button, goalie stops sliding. Boom, that simple.


Animations still cannot link to each other fluidly. They generally have to finish before initiating a new one. Goalies are not robots. They do not have command lines in their brains that prevents them from canceling a save to do another save instead.


There is no body language to read players, nor can we see their eyes to help us have a better idea what the puck carrier intends. Players can hold out their sticks for either a bonus to shot precision or a bonus to pass completion. How the **** can we read this in the game?? Should be one or the other, not both getting an accuracy bonus.

There are still way too many times where I perfectly read a play and yet, still have a very good chance that I get beat. Game rewards forwards way too much. Heavily offensive favored programming. Being in perfect position does not guarantee a save. I think it should as we are already disadvantaged enough as is.


We cannot control rebounds and oddly enough, most go right to the slot and too many times to an offensive player's stick.


I also feel the goalies play and feel way too much like 16. Position feels at least 90% the same but the rest of the game was tuned to be more offensive minded. You are free to disagree Jon, but I am adamant in saying it is just too similar to 16.


Lastly, any goalie that has a blast playing or has a decent save percentage is obviously playing on a top club with great defense. Playing dropins is an absolute nightmare, but I can agree that it comes with the territory. But still, the point is, unless you have an extremely good team in front of you with d men that actually have brains, it is the only consistent way to have "fun". But even then, I see way too many garbage goals a what the eff moments that even ruin the fun all while winning.


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