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The horrible AI problems of NHL 17

The horrible AI problems of NHL 17


The horrible AI problems is just one of many problems with BaP mode. 


I also used to love this mode (and it's the only mode other than EASHL that I have any interest in). Unfortunately, it's unplayable in '17. In NHL 16, I got bored and frustrated with this mode after a few weeks. In '17, it took less than a few days. We knew that they weren't changing this mode this year, but they actually managed to make it far worse than '16. 


Horrible AI problems 


- The feedback system is an inconsistent mess. I could list at least 20 examples of ridiculous feedback problems just from playing 5 or 6 games. I suspect that it's a mechanism that's shared with EASHL and you don't notice the problems as much in EASHL because some of them aren't relevant (such as "long shifts"and the impact is far less significant in EASHL. But, in BaP the feedback is tied to progression and XP so the issues become far more impactful. I found myself constantly wondering if they even had a QA team test this mode AT ALL. It really is a joke. 


- Speaking of "long shifts" ... this part of the feedback is a source of never ending frustration. I understand if you're skating up and down the ice refusing to come out of the game, but if your team controls the puck in the offensive zone for a long time (or if the opponent does the same in your defensive zone), or if you're leading an odd man rush or a breakaway opportunity you SHOULD NOT be penalized for long shift. Apparently the game wants you to abandon the scoring opportunity immediately when the stamina meter hits red and skate to the bench no matter where you are. Come on. Test your freakin' game. 


- You can still be leading your team in all relevant stat categories and get demoted/sent down/not get drafted.


- You still can't simulate games without getting demoted even though there's an option to turn off simming penalties. It obviously doesn't work. 


- The 'call for pass' doesn't work (or at least it doesn't work like it used to). Again, I suspect this change was made for EASHL, and it's probably fine there, but in BaP it's very frustrating because the AI is so bad it's normal to want to control the puck or call for one-timers, but it doesn't work most of the time. 


- You still can't choose LD or RD like you can in EASHL. This is frustrating for me because I like to be on the left with a right handed shot for one-timers off the faceoff (and other times). 


- MORE THAN ANYTHING, there's just very little substance in this mode and it's just plain boring. In the past gen, at least we had the interview system where on and off ice events affected your career. It kind of got old answering the same questions over and over, but at least it was something. You used to be able to customize attributes to have something to look forward to when leveling up and you felt more connected to the player you created and were playing with. Now, bleh. 


I could go on, but I just hope they focus more on this mode in NHL 18. Like I said, it's the only other mode besides EASHL that I'm interested in and if this mode was even playable, I would play it instead of drop-ins when my teammates aren't online.


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