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The ratings overhaul of NHL 17

Hey guys, with this being the best roster update we'll get til June, I am starting a ratings overhaul to make the game more realistic. This could take me until around the new year as I would have to go through the majority of players in the game to give them all more realistic strengths and weaknesses and create a noticeable difference in feel between a top 6 fwd and a 4th liner.


I can make a spreadsheet after and share it since there is no way to do roster sharing. This would take a lot of time on your guys' part to put into the game as well unless EA wants to hire me to do this for them so they could release this update for everyone to just download. I may also make top prospects caps of players not in the game that should be like Demko/Stecher, and then top prospects in the NCAA like Boeser.


I've already started on my favourite team (Canucks) and will make my way to all the other teams, any free agent who is rated between 68+, AHL 68+ rating as well as top prospects rated below 68, and finally top prospects in rookie leagues/Europe.


The ratings overhaul of NHL 17


To give you guys a general gauge of what ratings will be:


(just because there are 30 teams does not mean there are 30 #1 D in the league IMO hence why I start at #2D)


Franchise player (F/D/G) = 90-95

1st line fwd = 86-88

1st/2nd line tweener = 85-86

2nd line fwd = 83-84

2nd/3rd line tweener = 81-83

3rd line fwd = 75-78

3rd/4th line tweener = 73-75

4th line fwd = 68-71

#2 D = 85-87

2nd pairing D = 80-83

3rd pairing D = 75-78

#7-8 D = 68-75

Elite goalie = 86-88

1A = 81-83

1B = 78-81

Backup = 68-75

Top prospects under 19 not in NHL= 60-66

Top prospects in AHL/NCAA = 67-75


I have these ratings done so far:

86 - D.Sedin/H.Sedin (both 88 in game)

85 - Edler (87 in game)

84 - Horvat (84 in game)

83 - Sutter (84 in game)

82 - Gudbranson (86 in game)

81 - Hutton (84 in game)

77 - Sbisa (83 in game)

76 - Granlund/Larsen/Tryamkin (80 in game)


Now as a disclaimer, some players may end up with higher or lower ratings than what they were intended to be based off the guidline as it depends on how EA factors certain attributes.


I also change potentials of players 27+ age to what they were in their prime in hopes it could make some players get rating boosts or decline slowly/rapidly with age depending on their pot.


EX: Sedins/Miller have franchise high potential as in their prime they were franchise players. Edler has a Top 4 D High as he was just below Elite in his prime. Sutter has Top 9 High.


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