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True Performance Skating of NHL 17

Well, it's a shame that the old TPS thread I created is gone forever. I hate that my first thread I'm making is another complaint thread because there are a few positive changes that have been made to the game. But none of them outweigh the issues I STILL have with TPS. The lack of fidelity you have while skating (particularly on defense. This is where these issues stand out the most) makes the game more frustrating than fun a lot of the time. Especially once you start playing the game against experienced forwards. The lack of any kind of rotational control you have over your player is still awful. Vision control still isn't as useful as it should be, and can hurt you at times to the point where its safest to use it only to backskate while defending a rush and then if a cycle or any kind of puck movement in the defensive zone occurs, to abandon the L2 button. The developers need to figure out a way to give us the control back as far as where and how we can rotate our players.


Also, I maintain that EA needs to consult some professional respected skating coaches to help with efficiency in the skating engine. Mostly on starts, stops and transitions. There are times where your player is making a type of movement with his hips/feet/legs that doesn't use your speed correctly in a given situation. For example, having to make a large exaggerated stop to change direction while moving at an extremely slow speed. Low speed maneuvers are severely lacking in this game, and it makes playing defense nowhere near as fun as it was prior to TPS being introduced. I've already heard people who play as forwards tell me that they don't realize how much this skating engine hurts you until they play defense where you're constantly changing speed, direction, body orientation etc.


True Performance Skating of NHL 17


Precision skating is still completely useless and it's very easy to engage these movements by accident if you're slowly gliding and want to incrementally change body position.


Also, the agility of the puck carrier, and the speed of which they can stick handle, in the hands of experienced players really shows how little control the defense has at containing players. Even if they fix the stick lift so that it's not useless, I feel this is still going to be a problem as far as balancing. To get a little off topic, defensive skill stick needs to become a thing so that users can manually aim poke checks. And again if someone doesn't want to take control of that, EA can allow them to use a setting so the game can do it for them.


We've discussed many different ways to fix these problems in the old thread. Whether it's another button modifier for facing the puck, as well as other options. If these changes where to be made to skating I would implore the developers to allow those people who may think skating is fine to refrain from using the changes they may add via the controls settings. The same way that I suggested that EA give us the sliders for pass assistance online (which is fantastic to see that they've done, and it works, so those of us who feel like the game was taking control away from us, can take it back, and also maybe humble some people who think they're better passers than they really are, and make them want to get better)


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