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Two trigger method for NHL 17 goalie

The two trigger method is my preferred method playing goalie this year. It definitely helps to keep you in the crease when moving side to side so you don't get that pendulum affect with moving.


However there are still some very serious issues with goalie this year. Many of the issues I've been spoken to before but they are still very connected. Chief among these is the slow Percision speed. Having the slow Percision speed limits your ability to track skaters as they come down on you.


Two trigger method for NHL 17 goalie


This creates a situation where your goalie will twist to face the shooter when they get parallel or slightly past you. This creates a lot of those shots from the side of the net when the shooter goes by the goalie. Because we we cannot match their speed, as soon as they get Close to us and move to one side the goalie twists to stay square to the shooter. Unfortunately, this opens us up on the sides of the net which is why shooters are so successful from shooting sharp angle shots. This is been a problem for several years and is only made worse by the slow Percision speed.


Second major issue as previously discussed, is the small margin of error goalies are given while moving. As soon as the game senses you move, your effective range to makes saves is reduced dramatically. This is a significant issue and I believe is a unintended bug by the developers.


Because we move so slow in precision speed, it's hard to keep up with the shooter as they move across the ice, so when you finally do move when the shot comes the likelihood of a top shelf sniper is greatly increased. EA needs to increase the effective range to make saves while you are moving to track the puck carrier.


I believe this may be related to the work they did when the goalies were sitting down when trying to save shots in the beta. The discussion at that point was that goalies were making that animation when they were slightly out of position to make the save. While our goalies make fewer of that animation, they now can't react for corner snipes when they are slightly out of position, giving up way too many goals.


But by far and away the change that has had the biggest unintended consequences has been making the crease active and the goalies in play. This has created more than any other type of goal this year when the puck hits the goalie and is bumped into or can't cover the puck because of interference. I can appreciate what EA was trying to do but the implementation has been very poor. At this point they should just remove it for this year until we can get it right because way to many of these goals are going in and they shouldn't.


Add all of this plus the goalies horrible post hugging, and you have a very difficult year for goalies. When the average save percentage is in the 70s it tells you something isn't right. They put so many animations into the game but unfortunately they can't be rendered quickly enough to actually be useful. The entire t- push animation is a disaster and needs to be removed. you can't keep using good money to chase bad decisions.


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